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Developer: Hu Zheng
License: GPL-3.0

Stardict is a cross-platform and internationalized dictionary


StarDict is a Cross-Platform and international dictionary written in GTK3. It has powerful features such as "Glob-style pattern matching", "Scan selection word", "Fuzzy query", "Full-text translation", etc.

Stardict comes with tons of dictionaries available online.

Installing and configuring

StarDict is just a dictionary shell, so when you download it you have no dictionary that comes along. You have to install dictionaries yourself.

Currently there are two English-Russian dictionaries in the main repository (stardict-dic-enru-mueller7 and stardict-dic-enru-engcom) and some other dictionaries in the Education repository, but you can also install dictionaries yourself: just download them and extract their content in the dic directory (/usr/share/stardict/dic/). After a restart, stardict would find the dictionary and allows you to select it.

As not all dictionaries are available as official stardict dictionary, stardict has a tool named stardict-tools (extra package) which can be used to convert dictionaries of DICT, wquick, mova and pydict to stardict format.


  • Space: move focus to the input entry
  • Esc: clear the input entry

Tips & Tricks

  • To disable advertisement:
    • Click the Home button -> Manage plugins
    • Select Update Info plugin and click the Configure Plug-in button
    • Disable the Show advertisements checkbox

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