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community safety survey 2021

Below are the data results a survey about community safety that took place during the month of December 2021. There was a total of 100 completed responses in the survey and 1 partially complete response, which accounted for a total of 101.

With platform questions, persons responding with "no answer" likely did not use the platform.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how safe do you feel within the openSUSE community?


Rating Amount Percent
10(SAFE) 47 46.53%
9 17 16.83%
8 13 12.87%
7 8 7.92%
6 4 3.96%
5 3 2.97%
4 2 1.98%
3 0 0.00%
2 0 0.00%
1 (UNSAFE) 2 1.98%
No answer 5 4.95%


  • See too much anger to feel 100% safe, incl. personal attacks
  • In most cases, we have a friendly tone in the community - exceptions confirm the rule. I have seen other FOSS communities where it is much more rude....
  • There's a few hostile places and a few very safe ones.
  • On mailing lists writing something is likely to create big drama. On social networks criticizing connections between distribution and sexual orientations is likely to create shitstorm. Also recently I've feeleing that sometimes work of one members (I hope) accidentaly interefere with work of other members.
  • I feel like I can any question no matter how "dumb" they seem at the end. Even tho I do not always fully comprehend the answers I get :D
  • Sometimes I feel some do assume a higher skill level by the average openSUSE user than it might be the case.
  • But there is no issue in even asking on the answers given. The very most of the community are very friendly and helpful.
  • While some comments are blunt, even harsh, community members keep conversations on topic and away from personal conflict. Works well.
  • "Fear" of receiving bad comments makes me think twice before I post to factory@ or project@ mailing lists.
  • I don't feel safe on the project mailing list, and on the Telegram platform.
  • I like the community's proactive stance with regards to human diversity, and the support of SUSE (although unrelated, affiliated) as well.
  • I encounter far less bigotry in the oS community than some other distributions.
  • It is a bit subjective. I think if you follow any of the communication medium for long time and know the people behavior you should be "safe" as long as you know what you're doing. Most of the people are very warm and welcoming. Sometimes "new guy" show up and they speak as if he/she knew everything without thinking that there are many old user that have experience, in this case maybe there will be some over heat 😀
  • I think it's time to revisit the code of conduct or whatever it is to make it clear how to avoid such condition
  • I feel safe I think the openSUSE community is good.
  • While most openSUSE commentators and forum help is given with good intentions, some assume a degree of knowledge not in the general users capability. Most new users ('consumers' of a distro) do not immediately understand the Command Line Interface which is where YaST is a great help. I teach aged folk to use their computers (often old, never changed) so swap them from Windows Vista or such to a modern Linux system. I have found the 'chose only to upgrade to next LTS version' button in Xubuntu is a great help. It clicks in only after the first point version after the next LTS version. The folk then just click accept and job is done. (Takes hours but I warn them only every two years of so)
  • I feel “safe enough”
  • As safe as can be expected from a massive, open, and online community
  • Very safe.
  • It's a very helpful community on telegram, not as active as some other or the way i'd like but they never failed me
  • Safe in general. It may be possible that when suggesting an idea, some will make fun of it with some ironic and aggressive comment, but nothing too serious.
  • openSUSE forums - very staid and polite openSUSE reddit - "be nice, be constructive etc"
  • Hola, escribo en español, porque mi ingles es pésimo, pero quiero agradecer que existe un sistema como openSUSE Linux, ya que mi viejo notebook AMD VISION puede reutilizarse, pero ademas felicitar a desarroladores y todo el opensurce en si, ya que nunca estuve de acuerdo con Microsoft Windows... ya que soy un artista que no cuenta con los recursos para obtener un mejor hardware. Sin mas y agradeciendo a todo lo relacionado con este sistema operativo. Que terminen muy bien este año y comiencen mucho mejor el próximo.
  • OpenSuse community is always safe.
  • In general: very safe, as I have not much in common with most of the people.
  • Sometimes I feel some criticism toward not expert users
  • I feel safe when i use the tumbleweed version, cuz it has more support and more latest apps. I love openSUSE community, especially in telegram and facebook, The support on telegram is much more powerful!
  • I feel very welcomed and the community is the best one out there. I have learned so much in the past one year, all thanks to openSU
  • I have had no issues or anything negative in the community.
  • jitsi ( is failing fir a longer time, which is a pity, since it is a great platform for ad hoc communication.
  • It's difficult to keep the conversation alive, but Telegram channels seems to be most engaging. It would be extremely helpful if community members give up on secretive culture like cia is hunting them.

Where do you feel safe or unsafe in the community within openSUSE communication channels? (Twitter)


Selection Amount Percent
Safe 42 41.58%
Unsafe 17 16.83%
No answer 42 41.58%

Where do you feel safe or unsafe in the community within openSUSE communication channels? (Reddit)


Selection Amount Percent
Safe 46 45.54%
Unsafe 10 9.90%
No answer 45 45.55%

Where do you feel safe or unsafe in the community within openSUSE communication channels? (Facebook)


Selection Amount Percent
Safe 32 31.68%
Unsafe 18 17.82%
No answer 51 50.50%

Where do you feel safe or unsafe in the community within openSUSE communication channels? (Conference)


Selection Amount Percent
Safe 45 44.55%
Unsafe 3 2.97%
No answer 53 52.48%

Where do you feel safe or unsafe in the community within openSUSE communication channels? (


Selection Amount Percent
Safe 44 43.56%
Unsafe 2 1.98%
No answer 55 54.46%

Where do you feel safe or unsafe in the community within openSUSE communication channels? (IRC)


Selection Amount Percent
Safe 36 35.64%
Unsafe 7 6.93%
No answer 58 57.43%

Where do you feel safe or unsafe in the community within openSUSE communication channels? (Forums)


Selection Amount Percent
Safe 59 58.42%
Unsafe 6 5.94%
No answer 36 35.64%

Where do you feel safe or unsafe in the community within openSUSE communication channels? (Matrix)


Selection Amount Percent
Safe 32 31.68%
Unsafe 4 3.96%
No answer 65 64.36%

Where do you feel safe or unsafe in the community within openSUSE communication channels? (Telegram)


Selection Amount Percent
Safe 26 25.74%
Unsafe 15 14.85%
No answer 60 59.41%

Where do you feel safe or unsafe in the community within openSUSE communication channels? (Bugzilla)


Selection Amount Percent
Safe 55 54.46%
Unsafe 3 2.97%
No answer 43 42.57%

Where do you feel safe or unsafe in the community within openSUSE communication channels? (Mailing Lists)


Selection Amount Percent
Safe 46 45.54%
Unsafe 12 11.88%
No answer 43 42.57%

Where do you feel safe or unsafe in the community within openSUSE communication channels? (Discord)


Selection Amount Percent
Safe 28 27.72%
Unsafe 14 13.86%
No answer 59 58.42%

Based on your previous answers, please feel free to share any or all experiences that made you feel uncomfortable. (Please avoid the use of names.)


  • I know there's no avoiding them, but IMHO we need to be more strict in not tolerating toxic elements
  • The mailinglist is a toxic swamp and you're better of not reading the factory ML.
  • "No answer" above means I don't use that service. IRC, Bugzilla and ML is sometimes difficult (might be "unsafe" by your meaning) when I need to solve some more technical issue with people much more skilled than me.
  • On Matrix some people have raised concerns that there should not be connection between linux distribution and pride flag (LGBT flag?), because this two aren't really connected. Those people were later heavily insulted in vulgar way by one other member who also stated that this connection is obvious from code of conduct.
  • I only feel uncomfortable on Twitter but that's not the openSUSE Twitter staff fault but just Twitter being Twitter. Nothing someone could solve on their end unless you replace the Twitter community by a less toxic one :D
  • Make mastodon dispora also pixelfed also
  • I am curious why on GNOME mode, GNOME software can't download properly all the updates?
  • What makes me incredibly uncomfortable is picking on each other, pretending to know things better than the actual developers of a project, and trying to "fix" project where fix is not required. These kind of nitpicking conversations seem to be fun for some, but frustrating to those who want to talk about other, real problems or require help. This also sends a strong message that the platforms are hostile and will be avoided by most. The mailing list takes this a step further and goes into name calling, shaming, and makes general topics into flame wars on a personal level. If that is not enough the Board's current stand on these individuals are ridiculous, and it seems to me that one can do literally anything here without any consequences. Sure, everyone deserves a second chance, but not a third or a fourth or a tenth. The project, and the community was able to find, and identify a bunch of these toxic people, but when taken action the moderator's hands will be tied up by rules that can't be applied on a healthy community. Not saying that exposing names, and such is the right way, but exposing questionable, disgusting behavior, and taking action against it is not only healthy, but very much needed.
  • Don't have any
  • So far nothing, I've only experienced that with a bit of effort most of conflicts can be mitigated. It just takes bit of time and work.
  • On Discord, I had problems with possible unsafe posts. REDDIT I restrict to only a few sub forums.
  • This is a creepy survey. For more explanation look at the movie Marathon Man. “Is it safe?”
  • None up to now, except that Jitsi isn;t working okay for me and I can't join Bar discussions
  • That's an online software development site. I feel neither safe nor unsafe. This whole survey makes simply no real sense.
  • Contacting someone and getting no response (e.g. maintainer, OBS submit requests...) makes me feel like I must've done something wrong.
  • I can't think of any.
  • Closed networking standards
  • Use Revolt Alternative to discord. Use mastodon for communication. Peartube use opensource services
  • The project ML is poison. Should IMHO be deleted completely.
  • Long story short: I felt very insecure after this "public episode" between former and new board members. My motivation to contribute to the project was down to zero.
  • BugZilla is old,Discord is destructive
  • But i do feel that one of the mods(who shall remain nameless) (telegram) tends to be too much defensive when talks about another projects occurs.. he make it seems like oS is perfect without any issues to be solved and the user is dumb.
  • I have never felt uncomfortable in any area of the community because I shut out the noise if there is any.

Did you like us doing this survey?


Selection Amount Percent
Yes 78 77.23%
No 7 6.93%
No answer 16 15.84%