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SDB Talk:PostgreSQL

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Optional - add postgres-specific repository (change last dir to fit your distribution):

>>> This is not recommended unless you are chasing latest versions or special features -- Whos reccomendation? This sounds very subjective, please provide arguments and let people decide. -- From my experience the latest versions in postgres-repo are most stable. The basic repo is pretty limited, and a later change might be costly; which are all arguments against keeping basic repo. -- What are the pro's to keep basic repo? What are the cons in adding the specific repo?

Please provide objective argumentation to keep this page clear.

This discussion references the following blockquote from the existing change

In case you are targeting a simple installation (single node, testing purposes, simple web-browser, etc.), you can skip this optional step. The packages provided by basic repository are most tested and sufficient for most usecases. The specific postgres repository will provide most stable and feature rich releases and tools with latest patches.

It is my observation that all applications that come from the OSS are considered the standard recommendation, and postgresql should not be an exception.. Users should always understand that packages from any other repository have their own additional risk, however incremental it might be. In this particular case, the postgresql from both repositories happens to be the same, but one can never be sure whether configuring the special postgresql repo might introduce something new and unexpected.

In any case I find the current replacement language confusing and subject to misunderstanding

First the recommendation is for the "basic repository" for reasons

  • Most tested
  • Sufficient for most cases

Then the postgresql repository is recommended for reasons

  • Most stable
  • feature rich
  • tools
  • latest patches

I find "most tested" and "Most stable" contradictory since one leads to the other.
The other items are debatable but allowable and as of the day of this post, untrue because from what I can see the packages from both repos are the same.

Additionally, at least I do not see the reasoning behind recommending postgresql only from the OSS for a "simple installation" as you've defined it, if anything the more database servers you might have however configured the more stability and fewer changes you should want, forget about the extra bells and whistles

- Just checked the repos. As I was adding new info to the page the postgres repo had better packages, while the OSS repo had the normal ones. OSS repo was missing several tools, including pgtune and some extensions that are not part of contrib. Thus I had to search for the repository each time, I had to install postgres for any of my enterprise clients and some small companies. Many of them had postgres installations before from OSS and had compiled some of the addons, while they have been available all the time in the repo. Yes, if somebody just needs the server and tools, OSS is more then enough, if you want to go beyond - specific repo is a need. Sometimes postgres-repo packages are compiled with slightly different options to ensure compatibility with tools, also provided in repo (well this info is probably outdated). About your concerns of ease of installation - there is no difference between OSS and postgres repo. - You are right about the confusing rewording I have choosen now. I don't like it aswell, but it seemed to me better than giving subjective reccomendations. I think we can find appropriate wording together. If you are a Postgres fan like me, we could join our efforts and improve this SDB page, and maybe contribute beyond the wiki page.


What are the rest of the instructions for installing pgAdmin4?

I have tried to install pgAdmin4 using pip with the instructions in this Wiki and with other directions. I can't imagine that someone tested the pgAdmin4 installation instructions. When I try to install pgAdmin4 I get all sorts of errors. Some of them are that I have to use sudo and then there are dependencies missing that need to be installed with Zypper, such as gcc.

Once pgAdmin4 is installed, what am I supposed to do? I don't know where to find the application file or how to launch it. It would also be nice to have instructions to create a .desktop file to make launching easier.

Can someone please, please add a complete and tested set of installation instructions for pgAdmin4 on OpenSuSE Leap 15?

Default password in postgres?

When I tried to switch to postgres user, it ask for a password that I don't know what it is. I was able to switch using:

sudo su postgres

Yes. I changed it. --Slbtongying (talk) 05:46, 3 October 2020 (UTC)