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Issues with Network Installation and absence of Yast Installation Server

The original Network Installation in the SDB attracted several thousands of user hits because it held all possible directions on how to perform a Network Installation. The current SDB on Network Installation here lacks the following information.

1. Creation of the Local Source Files and their NFS/HTTP Advertising on the Network.

2. No discussion on downloading and creation of the Network Installation source.

3. No discussion on the Fail Safe Text Based Installation of GUI Interface falls over or cannot be used for what ever reason - and there are many.

3. The SDB page on using the Yast 'Installation Server' which automates any Network installation is no longer published.

Comments of the structure on New Wiki SDB:

The new wiki looks great, its neat, it is a pleasure to search in both SDB and any other content forum - As for holding accurate simple information in the new SDB: it is severely wanting. Much of the old SDB information has been lost in its transfer to the new Wiki.

Any old SDB wiki page that has over 1,000 hits should indicate the need to preserve much of the original SDB and topics that have over 2,000 hits should not be left out of the new wiki SDB.

I do not know what criteria has been used to move old Wiki SDB to its new home but it is clearly evident that the hit counter on the old SDB has been ignored; which goes to indicate the value of any old SDB Topic.

Any Other User Comments/Talk on Installation Please Add These Right Here

I think that this would be a better link for UEFI installation:

 The Boot Screen on Machines Equipped with UEFI

than the current one to the the Linuxrc page. I'll make the change soon if there are no objections

Non Graphical Install

I think the instructions are all assuming a graphical install? The non-graphical has several key details different, not least when these instructions say "You don't need to change the default values as the installer will automatically use the best mirror for you.", the non-graphical doesn't - there are no default values.

As a bare minimum, the information needed for a non-graphical network install is:

  • select HTTP as the network protocol
  • answer the questions to configure the network in the target machine
  • if you provide a DNS server, then when the install program asks for IP address of the server then you can supply a name - currently is an appropriate value
  • when it asks for directory on the server, provide the directory for an OSS repository. Currently /distribution/11.3/repo/oss is an appropriate value
  • with the above values, no username or password is required

After that, it's not so different from the instructions