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SDB:YaST what to do in case of crash

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You cannot install software because YaST crashes.



Use zypper, a command line tool.

Installation CD/DVD

Boot from the installation CD/DVD and select System Repair (TODO detailed steps) (or if there is no SR, update the system to the release that you already have)


If even zypper is broken, use rpm. Or use an alternative packaging system not based on libzypp, like smart.

If that system is giving you trouble (package conflicts...), disable additional repositories and leave only the main one and the official updates.


If even RPM is broken, salvage your data and reinstall from scratch.


Finding out why YaST crashes.

If you're using Factory, you may have hit a real bug and need to wait for a fixed package.

Often the crash is caused by an inconsistent set of packages. (Yes, it's our fault not to have correct dependencies in the first place. We improve that, but we cannot fix older distro releases.) To find out whether that is the case, get a list of YaST packages:

rpm -qa --last | egrep yast\|zypp

If you are reporting a bug, attach it to Bugzilla. If you are getting help over IRC, use Pastebin.

(Run it from a root terminal) look in y2log rpm -V ... (todo make a script)(take the one already made?)

Fixing YaST

Check that all yast2-* packages and libzypp are up to date, in particular the ones you see in a crash message.

For example, the formidable error

  • /usr/lib/YaST2/bin/y2base: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/YaST2/plugin/ undefined symbol: _ZNK4zypp7Package16licenseToConfirmEv

gives a subtle hint to check libzypp and yast2-qt, and indeed updating yast2-qt helped in this case.