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SDB:Starting YaST

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Graphic mode



Starting YaST from KDE is quite simple.

  • click on the kickoff-applet (the geeko)
  • switch to the Computer tab
  • select Administrator Settings
You will be prompted for the root password to continue.



Invocation of YaST via GNOME is quite similar.

  • Click on the main menu button.
  • Select Control Center.

Now you can directly run the modules presented in the overview.
You will always be asked for the root password. You may continue to:

  • Select YaST from the list.
You shall be prompted for the root password and a new Control Center shall appear.

Other Way, works at all GUIs

  • Press ALT and F2.
  • Run YaST by typing:
    • yast for root account and KDE.
    • GUI's name: kdesu/gnomesu yast2.
  • Type the password of the root account.

Text mode


Because YaST does offer an ncurses user interface, it can be invoked by almost any text console. Invoke a console, or switch to a terminal, and:

  • Ensure that you are logged-in as the user that is root (if not, become root by typing su), and:
  • Start YaST by typing yast.


If you are an advanced user and want to start YaST in a more comfortable way, you may add yourself to the sudoers list. Find a short Howto on the sudo page. As a sudo user you can start YaST any time without being prompted for the root password.