SDB:Problem with MPEG-4 AAC plugin for gstreamer

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Totem/Banshee (or another media player based on gstreamer) returns error, that it can't find "MPEG-4 AAC decoder".


There are conflicts in package versions. If you have added the VLC and Packman repositories, they contain different versions of some gstreamer plugins. Zypper/YaST installs by default the newest one, but in this case it installs a different version of gstreamer and its plugins.

The following is the recommended fix:

- Disable all VLC repositories using YAST->Software Repositories

- Add the Packman repository (YAST->Software Repositories->Community Repositories then select 'Packman Repository')

- In YAST->Software Repositories->View(top left)->Repositaries. Click on each of the Packman repositories individually and then click "Switch system packages to the version in this repository" and "Accept".

- It should work after restarting the Totem/Banshee player.