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SDB:OpenSUSE VPS providers

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openSUSE users may find it's hard to find virtual private servers which run their favorite openSUSE itself. I had hard times too. So I consulted some persons on our G+ page, it's okay for such user-added-content here.


1. You can't be the provider yourself. It's not a public marketing page, so you can't promote your own service here. Unless you found a convinced openSUSE user who would like to do this for you (Even if you use openSUSE yourself).

2. You have to be an actual buyer of what you recommend here.

3. You have to provide a short review. Where it locates, ping speed, trial peroid, plan you buy (don't list all of them!) and how much (all fees included), payment methods, what you run on it, how you feel about it, whether you have any personal connection with the seller, whether there's redeem codes special for openSUSE, will you benefit for the much, as precise, as objective as you can. You can't just post a link and run away! such link will be cleared regularly. Other users' happiness highly relies on what you said here, and you'll be felt directly responsible for an over-optimistic comment.


guoyunhe Talk - Contributions

  • Latest openSUSE Leap distribution
  • Can choose location in Europe, America, Asia
  • Size start from 1GB(5$/month), good for small projects
  • Automatic backup feature
  • Good and fast customer support service

Have been using it for since 2015 when I am still a poor student. It has hosted all my hobby projects and startup ideas. I usually choose small plans like 1GB(5$/month) and 2GB(10$/month). Definitely enough for PHP applications like WordPress, OwnCloud/Nextcloud, MediaWiki.

Linode has good documentation and technical support. Even during weekends, you can get response in several hours.


Jvlbe Talk - Contributions: our requirements where:

  • recent Opensuse Leap version
  • By preference based in Europe

we have now for 3 years a VPS M SSD running at Contabo.

  • Pros: (very) good performance & stability & support & price/specs ratio
  • Cons:
    • stability of ssh over hours slows down to end in lost connection. (Problem could be at our side or the SSH attacks but as it wasn't causing too much trouble we didn't dig)
    • Non German European companies have to pay more (German statutory sales tax 19%) compared to the German companies. Not gentle for European colleagues.

Other providers considered: Transip and Rosehosting (US-based)

Added: January 2020

MargueriteSu Talk - Contributions: When I found no openSUSE VPS on the internet, I pushed my friend, ArchLinux Chinese community lead, phoenixlzx (G+ +Phoenix Nemo), to add an openSUSE template into his offers.

This gentleman has a major in Cloud and owns another such company, this ultrakvm is the start-up he found during his school years to help Chinese Linux distro communities to get the best/custom hosting services they can get. So you may receive some special treatment (30% off) if you tell him you buy a VPS to host a local open source community or anything similar.

Server locates in Phoenix City and Las Vegas of USA. You can get test IPs on its website. The lowest-cost plan costs about $160/year (You can also customize plans). I bought the cheapest one: KVM technology so no over-sell possible, 1 core CPU, 512M memory, 20GB disk space, 2TB brandwidth/month (you can submit ticket to ask more), located in Phoenix City. I ran:

  • openSUSE China community as a whole: index, a nodejs lightweight community blog, a local planet-openSUSE like blog aggregation service, an image pastebin, an online IRC client, a PhpBB forum, and a gtalk group serving bot.
  • my own wordpress blog and two VPN servers.

so as a summary here's what I ran: 1 mongodb database, 3 mysql databases, 1 nginx with php-fpm, 2 nodejs, 1 strongswan VPN (the other is a nodejs one), 3 python servers (1 for IRC, 1 for Gtalk, 1 for sync between them), some other python/php bits and a few cron jobs. Used about 300MB memory. Until now everyone is fine with them.

If you choose Phoenix City plan, you can use redeem code "margu#rite" (replace # to make it my firstname) to get some further discounts (I forgot how much, never use it myself. but 6 CS students from my local openSUSE community used it). I heared there's an even cheaper plan in Las Vegas, but didn't check out myself.

Payments: Paypal/Alipay.

Benefits: Linux people know Linux people's exact needs. I borrowed an even bigger VPS to learn how to setup OBS for two months until now...didn't even send him a buck and he's okay with it.

Pitfalls: 1. Chinese Website, you may write to or pose him on G+ to talk in English. 2. no IPv6 by defaul although you can setup your own by free miredo or gogoc clients. 3. Maybe just perfectly fits personal or community use. Because this guy isn't so eager for money. 4. help arrived in GMT+8 time.

Amazon Web Services

SFaulken Talk - ContributionsopenSUSE is available on the Amazon Free Tier of EC2, through the Community AMI's (Amazon Machine Image). The Free Tier gets an individual 750 hours of free use, and then it runs right about $15 a month once you've used that up. My usage runs closer to $20, due to having a couple of smaller add-ons such as a reserved static IP.

EC2 is a paravirtualized service, and on the Free "micro" tier, you get 1 CPU, 512MB Ram, and 10GB of drive space. Suitable enough for most peoples messing around.

Pros: Easy startup, 750 Hours free useage

Cons: Relatively low spec virtual hardware, can get expensive if the need for more hardware is needed.

Praveen_40 Talk - ContributionsI would like to give a positive review for hostsailor, i read your guidelines for the review and it is going to be followed accordingly although it is a lot of requirements but I made a deal to take 50% off next three month if I did this review.

Location: Netherlands Ping speed: 43ms Trial period: Since May till present. Plan I bought is Seaman OpenVZ and specs as per below,

512 RAM 1G Burstable 50GB Raid 10 HDD 2 cores 512 BW 1gbit connection

Price is: 5.95 usd.

Payment methods: PayPal, Credit cards, Western Union, Moneygram, CashU, Paysafecard, Skrill, BitCoin, Bank transfers, Perfect Money and Webmoney.

what I run on it: A backup server and its really great because they don't charge you for incoming bandwidth just outgoing.

How you feel about it: Low cost managed vps with great features which is rare now a days.

whether you have any personal connection with the seller: No, Just a happy buyer.

whether there's redeem codes special for openSUSE: It was 50% off when I first purchased this VPS, but I don't think offer is still valid.

will you benefit for the code. Good specs which suits my need with 2.97$ first month which was a good deal.


Pwl0lwp Talk - Contributions: I've been using UK-based Farbyte for a few months, and everything is going well so far and figured I should report its availability.

They offer openSUSE 13.1 which is the main reason I chose it. Here's my spec & price:

Operating System: openSUSE 13.1 (64bit)
Extra IP Address: 0 x IP £1.50
Memory: 256MB RAM, 128MB Swap
Bandwidth: Standard 100GB
Disk Space: Standard 20GB
Price: £4.49

So a pretty small system, but exactly what I needed to run a few bits & pieces.


Yakooza Talk - Contributions: I was looking for a VPS provider to be in business for a long time and having a decent price and then I have found RouterHosting. They do have OpenSuse on their available templates but there was not the latest version. I have asked them to upload the latest version and they did it for me.

A bit about RouterHosting. They are in business since 2008 (which the reviews were good to me) and they do provide VPS servers in 12 locations in the United States and Europe. So I am happy about their services however I will update more within a few months.