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SDB:KIWI-LTSP updating

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KIWI-LTSP images get a frequent updates, the updating process is as simple as updating few RPM files without losing your configuration.


Make sure you have server:ltsp repository enabled by running the following:

 zypper sl

The server:ltsp repository should show up in the list, if it is not in the list add it as follows:

 zypper ar server:ltsp

To update all packages from that repository run the following as root:

 zypper ref && zypper up -t package -r server:ltsp

If the packages do not update, run yast2 sw_single, then select server:ltsp repository > right click on the package list > All in this list > update if newer available.

Something went wrong after update

In case something do go wrong, make sure all the settings are proper in /etc/sysconfig/kiwi-ltsp file and run this command:

 kiwi-ltsp-setup -c

If other packages were updated along with LTSP ones, make sure your network configuration is alright and firwall disabled on the interface serving LTSP network.

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