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iTALC is a tool that helps monitor and control computers in the network. It is one of the very useful tool to have in LTSP environment. Below is the guide to help you set up iTALC in LTSP environment.

Step 1. Installation

Note: Skip this step if you are using openSUSE Edu Li-f-e DVD as iTALC comes pre-installed on that.

Add the server:ltsp openSUSE Build Service repository on the LTSP server:

 zypper ar server:ltsp

Note: replace openSUSE_12.3 with the version you are using.

Install the required packages:

 zypper in italc italc-client italc-master

Step 2. Running iTALC

As root:

 start-ica &
 italc-launcher &

To start iTalc for all terminals when logging in change ICA_ENABLE=no to ICA_ENABLE=yes in /etc/sysconfig/ica

Step 3. Adding teachers, classroom and clients

All the clients are automatically detected using avahi and added to classroom.

Add teachers or admins to "italc" group via yast2 users module. This will give them them full access to italc.


Most common issue is clashing VNC ports, if you have VNC remote administration enabled, either disable it, change default ports of VNC service or italc via /etc/sysconfig/ica.

Known issues

You cannot shutdown or reboot the LTSP clients.

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