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This article will show you how to configure printing with KIWI-LTSP without the need of external CUPS server so all of your printing configuration files resides in the KIWI-LTSP image that will be delivered to the LTSP Fatclients.

Adding the following in /srv/tftpboot/KIWI/root.default/etc/lts.conf is enough to get printers show up on LTSP fat clients.

  CUPS_SERVER=IP of your print server

Install required packages in client image

1. Chroot to the LTSP profile #kiwi-ltsp --chroot i386. See Customizing LTSP image. Set root password if you have not done already.

2. Use #yast2 sw_single or zypper to install CUPS and foomatic-filters and enable cups by running #systemctl enable cups. Exit the chroot environment using the #exit command.

4. Switch LTSP configuration to serve NFSROOT(IMAGETYPE="NFS" in /etc/sysconfig/kiwi-ltsp and kiwi-ltsp -c). Reboot one of your LTSP clients and open the terminal then verify that the service has been installed inside the client using the #service cups status

Configure printer on a Fatclient

5. Now time to add your printers using the "Print Settings" in YaST or use the #system-config-printer command. This should update the /etc/cups directory in the LTSP client by updating the "printers.conf" and the "ppd" directory.

6. After you verify that your printers work as predicted, copy the /etc/cups directory from the test machine to the LTSP chroot image. Fix the permissions to files and folders copied if there is problem, using tar or rsync to copy will preserve proper permissions.

Rebuild squashfs image

7. Rebuild the image again using the #kiwi-ltsp -l2 i386 command. Switch IMAGETYPE="AOE" and #kiwi-ltsp -c to reconfigure then rcklaoe stop then rcklaoe start.

8. Reboot your LTSP client and you should see the printers in the "Print Settings" console and ready for printing.

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