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SDB:KDE install

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This article explains how to install Plasma on openSUSE in case you had initially installed a different desktop environment, or no desktop environment at all, and decided that you want to try Plasma or maybe even switch to Plasma completely. You may also need to do this if you lose KDE after a dist-upgrade.

Installing Plasma

To install Plasma you simply need to install the required patterns.

zypper install -t pattern kde kde_plasma

Logging into Plasma

After Plasma is installed, you can log into it by simply logging out and selecting Plasma under Session Type at the login manager.

Switching to SDDM

If you're switching to KDE Plasma, you may want to switch to the KDE login manager (or display manager) SDDM too.

Edit the file /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager and set DISPLAYMANAGER="sddm"

Or use YaST /etc/sysconfig/ Editor, and select SDDM under Desktop -> Display manager -> DISPLAYMANAGER

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