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SDB:Installing World of Warcraft

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This article is under development. Not all instructions or directions were written down.

This article will explain how to install World of Warcraft on OpenSUSE machine. Tested on: 13.2


  1. Install PlayOnLinux
  2. Install World of Warcraft
  3. Update Video packages if needed
  4. Have fun

Install PlayOnLinux

  1. Download PlayOnLinux All Distributions tar.gz
  2. Move zip file from Download to directory you will going to run it from. And unzip it.
  3. In YAST install: python-wxWidgets, cabextract, icoutils, wine.
  4. In YAST install if you running 64bit OS: Mesa-libGL1-32bit.
  5. From install libtxc_dxnt(it needed to display players models). Note that some time "Package Search" do not find it if you put full name, you can try to use part of the name. It should be there. Long story short, it has different license level then OpenSUSE and can not be included in it officially and it is under unstable packages. We hope Mesa will have it in future.
  6. Open terminal navigate to PlayOnLinux folder and execute: sh
  7. If no popup message come up your are good and can continue, else you need to write down messages and do some searching.

Install World of Warcraft

  1. Login to your Blizzard account and download app.
  2. In PlayOnLinux click on start new installation.
  3. Select games then look for World Of Warcraft.
  4. Leave everything as default when ask navigate to app.
  5. Log in to app. Select World of Warcraft, select right version and click install.
  6. When it finish close app, click that installation is finished.
  7. You will see World of Warcraft icon, but let add app to by clicking add exe.
  8. Run if all look like expected you are good, if you having problem with textures then next paragrap is waiting for you.

Update Video Packages

  1. Update the current Mesa drives to latest version in YAST.
  2. Install drivers from official video card webpage. (This would try if nothing else works. Those packages can break your OS)