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SDB:Installation on chocolate laptop

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This article describes unsuccessful openSUSE 10.3 installation on Chocolate Laptop.


  • Chocolate Laptop Fikar FJ
    • Best before: 2009-01-31
    • Net Weight: 200g
    • Contains: sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder (14%), cocoa mass
    • Emulsifier: lecithin E322
    • Flavor: vanillin

Installation ChocolateLaptop Image1.jpg

Back view:

Installation ChocolateLaptop Back.jpg

View from the left:

Installation ChocolateLaptop Left.jpg

View from the right:

Installation ChocolateLaptop Right.jpg

Bottom view:

Installation ChocolateLaptop Bottom.jpg

Front view:

Installation ChocolateLaptop Front.jpg


  • openSUSE 10.3 DVD


I have to admit that we were unable to even turn it on. No power supply had been shipped with the laptop. It was also impossible to open the DVD drive manually (without damaging it).


Our mission has failed, we were unable to install openSUSE 10.3 on it. Nevertheless it's a very nice piece of hardware (consider the weight!) and we enjoyed working with it.