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SDB:How to build a project against an other one

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It can be usefull to create a new project using what has already be done in other projects... Here is a description of two differents ways to do so:

1. Importing an existing OBS in OBSLight

You can create a project by importing an existing OBS (ex: Doing that way, you could have access to all the projects that have been built in this OBS (ex: openSUSE:12.2, openSUSE:12.1 ...).

In this sample we will create An openSUSE:12.2 ImportObsPorject.png ImportObsProject2.png ImportObsProject3.png

What is important to know is that doing that way, you wiil build on the existing OBS (in that case on If you want to create and build new packages, you will have access to your OBSLight local repo, and also to the repos of the project you are building against. As the result, the build will populate your local repo.



   Be carefull not to create package

Your new project (PRJ1) will be built in the existing OBS using the repository of the reference project (PRJ2), BUT the result of your build will populate your local OBSLight repository. An important thing to know is that none of the projects of the existing OBS will have access to your local repository, and you will NEVER populate their repositories with your own packages.

2. Build in a local mode