SDB:Disabling automatic powerdown on shutdown

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This article explains how to disable automatic power-down on shutdown.


Your computer is connected to a detachable power socket, and you want to switch it on and off this way instead of using the computer's power button.

A reason might be that the computer only boots when you switch on the power socket again if it was not switched off before.


This article describes several solutions:

with BIOS settings

The BIOS is the first thing you should check.

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. You should see a message like press F1 to enter setup
  3. Press the mentioned key to enter the BIOS setup.
  4. Search for a bios setting named "Power on". If it exists, set it to "always power on" or "power on after power supply recovered". If these options don't exist, choose "remember last state".
    Warning: Make sure not to change other settings or settings you don't understand - they could make your system unbootable
  5. Save the BIOS settings
  6. boot your openSUSE system
  7. shutdown your system again
  8. switch off the power socket
  9. switch on the power socket again.

If your computer boots, your problem is solved. Otherwise continue with the next section.

with /etc/sysconfig/ settings

  1. Open the file /etc/sysconfig/shutdown and change the variable HALT="auto" to HALT="halt".
  2. If your computer is a server without a monitor connected, you might also want to set HALT_SOUND (in the same file). The computer will beep when shutdown is complete.
  3. shutdown your system
  4. switch off the power socket
  5. switch on the power socket again

Your computer should (hopefully) boot now.