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SDB:Acer wireless

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Tested on openSUSE

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Due to Acer not contributing anything to acer_wmi, the module doesn't work with any of the Aspire One laptops/netbooks: documentation.

The most severe symptom is that the module soft-blocks all wireless devices by default (802.11 wifi, bluetooth, 3g, etc...).


The quick and easy fix is to just

$ sudo rmmod acer_wmi

And wireless will start working spontaneously: example.

To make these changes permanent, however, you'll need to blacklist acer_wmi.

$ sudo echo "blacklist acer_wmi" > /etc/modprobe.d/acer-blacklist.conf

I have submitted bug reports to all the distributions I've confirmed this problem exists on, including opensuse, and hopefully this will either be done for you automatically in future releases, or fixed a future version of the Linux kernel.