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Return to the Roots

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Settlers 2.5 - Return to the Roots


unofficial addon to Settlers II

Download for openSUSE

Vendor: independent
Developer: RTTR developers
License: GPL

Return to the Roots is an Open Source reimplementation of the Settlers II game engine.


  • Online Multiplayer
  • optional Gameplay Addons such as:
    • the char burner
    • battlefield promotions



Version: openSUSE Leap 15.2 Button-oci.png

Game Data

Buy the Settlers 2 Gold Edition from GOG if you don't already own it on CD. Simply copy or symlink the contents to /usr/share/s25rttr/S2/.

If you bought the game at GOG then install innoextract and download the Windows installer.

To extract it run

innoextract setup_settlers2_gold_2.0.0.14.exe

and copy the contents with administrator rights to the game data folder:

sudo cp -o app/DATA app/GFX app/VIDEO app/WORLDS /usr/share/s25rttr/S2

Start the game by running or s25client.