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Python-Visual is a Python module for 3D scientific visualization. It offers real-time 3D output and is easily usable by novice programmers.


An example application developed with python-visual.

Download for openSUSE

License: Custom, see license.txt


A program can create 3D objects (such as spheres, curves, etc.) and position them in 3D space. Visual, running in a separate thread, automatically updates a 3D scene many times per second to reflect the current position of the objects. The programmer does not need to deal with display management but can focus on the computational aspects for the program. The user can navigate in the 3D scene by using the mouse to zoom and rotate while the program is running. Visual supporst full vector algebra.


Please take a look at the examples, coming with the VPython package. Most of them are easy to understand and can be the the basics for coding lessons - as they allow to edit the code (for example: change the value of a variable) and see the result directly.

  • Just choose File -> Open an pick an example file.
  • to start the example, coose Run -> Run Module in the new window containing the sourcecode

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