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Using Wicked

  • Enable wicked using:
 systemctl enable --force wicked
 #This enables the wicked services, creates the network.service -> wicked.service alias link and causes to start the network at the next boot.
  • To manually start the server process (again, as root), use:
 systemctl start wickedd.service
 # which starts wickedd (main server) and associated supplicants:
   /usr/lib/wicked/bin/wickedd-auto4 --systemd --foreground
   /usr/lib/wicked/bin/wickedd-dhcp4 --systemd --foreground
   /usr/lib/wicked/bin/wickedd-dhcp6 --systemd --foreground
   /usr/sbin/wickedd --systemd --foreground
   /usr/sbin/wickedd-nanny --systemd --foreground
  • You may then bring up the network using the service name directly, or the network alias:
 systemctl start wicked.service
               # or
 systemctl start network.service
  • These commands are using default/system configuration sources as defined in the /etc/wicked/client.xml file.