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What's Currently Supported

  • configuration file backends to parse SUSE style /etc/sysconfig/network files.
  • an internal configuration backend to represent network interface configuration in XML. The syntax evolved out of what netcf uses.
  • bring-up and shutdown of "normal" network interfaces such as Ethernet, Infiniband etc, as well as VLAN, bridges, bonds, tun, tap, dummy, macvlan, macvtap, hsi, qeth, iucv and wireless (currently limited to one wpa-psk/eap network) devices.
  • A built-in DHCPv4 client
  • A built-in DHCPv6 client
  • The nanny daemon (if enabled) helps to automatically bring up configured interfaces as soon as the device is available (interface hotplugging) and set up IP configuration when a link (carrier) is detected.