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The Newsletter is written in the openSUSE wiki. Its a Mediawiki, check out Help:Editing for further help. To be able to write to's wiki, you need to have/register for a novell-account.


The Weekly Newsletter is being drafted all week long on the next issue's page. If you have a wiki account, you can just edit it directly. Fix a type, put in a link or a complete article. All submissions are welcome - we're not google, so we don't notice all interesting stuff ;) .


The current schedule is:

OpenSUSE Weekly News Publishing Plan
What Description
Deadline for adding News: Sat 10h UTC
Weekly News team meeting: biweekly: Sat 14:30h UTC
Translations: Saturday after Publishemail without Deadline
Announcement: Saturday 12h UTC
Localized annoucements follow as needed.


To synchronize our translations work, we use a "whats ready" table. And we've created a tool to make translating a bit easier. The tool is able to import the raw English newsletter code and translate predefined strings (e.g. headings or static content) into the desired language. Learn more on the openSUSE:Weekly news translation guidelines.