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  • What´s the OEM version of openSUSE?

the OEM version is a preload iso-Image built with SUSE Studio. It contains the openSUSE KDE standard image. With SUSE Studio the OEM is able to create his own version of openSUSE with his own branding and additional software.

  • How can I get the image?

You just need a SUSE Studio account and download the image (latest version 0.0.1) from SUSE Gallery. If you want to personalize your image, you have to clone it and create your own appliance.

  • Is it stable?

It´s based on the current 11.4 release so I think and hope so. Don´t be afraid about the low release number. The ready template will get 11.4.0 and till then, it´s not so long (I plan to release 12.1 as the first 8 months stable release, so 11.4 will be a bit experimental anyway.)