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  • Read-only root filesystem to avoid accidental modifications of the OS
  • The Transactional Updates technology leverages btrfs snapshots to apply package updates without interfering with the running system
  • health-checker to verify the OS is operational after updates. Automatically rolls back in case of trouble.
  • cloud-init for initial system configuration during first boot on Cloud (includes OpenStack)
  • Combustion and Ignition for initial system configuration during first boot on all other images.
  • Designed to fit perfectly into existing openSUSE or SUSE Linux Enterprise environments
  • Podman Container Runtime available
  • Rolling Release: Every new openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshot also automatically produces a new openSUSE MicroOS release. The Leap based version automatically updates when maintenance updates for Leap are published.

See the detailed design overview of MicroOS for more details.