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Important: pre-built system images leverage a first boot configuration system. Most of the images use Combustion and Ignition, OpenStack uses Cloud-Init. The configuration file for those systems has to be created before the first boot of an image. Kubic does not use any default password even for root, so be sure to use one Combustion, Ignition or Cloud-Init were applicable.

Based on Tumbleweed

Platform Download First Boot Configuration
ISO ISO Image x86_64
Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi aarch64 Combustion or Ignition
Pine64 Pine64 aarch64 Combustion or Ignition
Qemu KVM & XEN Qemu KVM & XEN x86_64
Combustion or Ignition
Vmware VMware x86_64 (VMX) Combustion or Ignition
Vagrant Vagrant x86_64
Combustion or Ignition
OpenStack OpenStack Cloud x86_64 Cloud-init.png
Microsoft Hyper-V Microsoft HyperV x86_64 Combustion or Ignition
DigitalOcean Cloud DigitalOcean Cloud x86_64 Combustion or Ignition