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If you don't install using the DVD, you can perform initial configuration like adding a SSH key or setting a root password using Combustion or Ignition. If neither Ignition nor Combustion configs were found, the interactive jeos-firstboot wizard allows you to set a root password.

Platform Download First Boot Configuration
ISO ISO Image x86_64
Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi aarch64 Combustion or Ignition
Pine64 Pine64 aarch64 Combustion or Ignition
Qemu KVM & XEN Qemu KVM & XEN x86_64
Combustion or Ignition
Vmware VMware x86_64 (VMX) Combustion or Ignition
Vagrant Vagrant x86_64
Combustion or Ignition
OpenStack OpenStack Cloud x86_64 Cloud-init.png
Microsoft Hyper-V Microsoft HyperV x86_64 Combustion or Ignition
DigitalOcean Cloud DigitalOcean Cloud x86_64 Combustion or Ignition