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Participate in openSUSE

Everyone can be a part of openSUSE, even without technical skills. You don't have to be a programmer or packager. Being a part of the community just means you care about openSUSE!

  • Be part of the openSUSE Community
    See where other openSUSE community members are located world-wide, get to know some People of openSUSE, find local openSUSE user groups, celebrate releases, learn about the governance structure, join the openSUSE Bar and more. Follow openSUSE news on our news site and see what our developers are up to on Planet openSUSE!
  • Help us to release the next version of openSUSE
    For every release there is a set of tasks available. Some are complicated, some are easy to achieve, even for beginners. Look through the issues and tell someone from openSUSE if you found an adequate task.
  • Discuss openSUSE and help other users
    There are several active communities where you can discuss what is going on in openSUSE and help out other openSUSE users. We have mailing lists, IRC channels and forums. Please have a look at the communication channels for an overview.
  • Suggest New Features or Software
    New features are in most cases best requested upstream, see the Submitting Feature Requests page for more information.
  • Spread the word
    Be sure to spread the word on openSUSE and help others to benefit from it too! openSUSE offers a great Linux distribution and many other technologies like our Open Build Service and SUSE Studio Express which can help home users as well as sys admins and developers to get work done and have fun. Blog about openSUSE, tell your friends and family and help them install it!

Additional information: CommunityCommunicateTeams