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Contributions to Enlightenment

  • take some task from TODO list (contact us first so we don't work on the same at the same time)
  • provide good bug reports
    • packaging or openSUSE specific issues goes to openSUSE bugzilla, assign to simon@simotek.net, Mention also if your E is from
      • openSUSE:Factory,
      • X11:Enlightenment:Factory or
      • X11:Enlightenment:Nightly.
    • upstream issue, you can use Enlightenment bug report and CC Simotek

Attach also:
- output of zypper se -sr <your_enlightenment_repo>
- ~/.xsession-errors


  • Translate Enlightenment on Launchpad.
  • The basic way of translating is creating template files with source code and merge them with existing translation files (or initializing your language if you are just about to start a new one), then submit them to ​Enlightenment Internationalisation List.
  • Everything you need to know about translation is located at wiki.