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  • Packaging list:
    • mdm-themes -- you know what it is
    • icon theme we selected (doesn't even start to select yet)
    • branding packages for mdm, cinnamon itself, gtk3 theme. In progress
  • Spread the word and attract some users to be our testers.
  • Create an official "custom" to separate us from Mint in plain eye looking. We should be more eye-candy than the origin! which should include:
    • A wallpaper set (several images with ultra-high resolution support, find them on DeviantArt or hold an contest ourselves). We may not use official openSUSE wallpaper if it doesn't fit...with MargueriteSu Talk - Contributions's design capability, we can create our own.
    • A gtk3 theme. To be forked from Numix. May provide dark/light variants.
    • A Cinnamon itself theme like KDE plasma workspace theme. May provide dark/light variants.
    • An icon theme. Ask from users (forum/G+/IRC #opensuse-gnome, just spread the word). Deviant is not reliable (some theme looks superb, but with only less than 50 icons, it even lacks of a default "folder" icon!), while gnome-icon-theme/mint-x-icons is also ugly.
  • Final Goal: submit to openSUSE Factory and make it an official alternative desktop environment! No goals setup, it's not officially supported upstream. Before that we should:
    • Open bug reports against serveral dbus services/polkit policies we use and cooperate with our Security Team to have them audited.