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There are approximately 80 packages hosted on the repository; however, not all of them are needed:

  1. *-devel, *-debuginfo, *-debugsource packages are not required by default. They are mostly needed to track issues and bugs.
  2. Users who employ English as their sole desktop language do not need *-lang packages and cinnamon-translations. Installing these packages will require Cinnamon to be localized.
  3. Manual installation of typlib-1_0-* packages is not required. If needed, they'll be automatically pulled in. The same applies to lib* packages.

Basic Information about Cinnamon packages:

  • cinnamon : Core package providing the desktop shell.
    • cinnamon-control-center : needed to be manually installed, otherwise Cinnamon will be failed and fallen back, under an experience from a SuSE studio user.
    • cinnamon-screensaver : Screensaver for Cinnamon, to be a dependency.
    • cinnamon-session : Package that enables the user to log in to Cinnamon, to be a dependency.
    • cinnamon-settings-daemon : no manual installations to be required, which will be pulled in automatically and it's essential for Cinnamon.
    • cjs : binaries for libcjs0, which is a dependency for Cinnamon to display its JavaScript applets, like the way gjs does in gnome-shell. This package is a dependency in order to make Cinnamon functional.
  • muffin : the window manager by Linux Mint similar to mutter for GNOME. It is an essential and dependent package.
    • openbox: an alternative window manager, not required here but required to make use of Cinnamon at Fedora.
    • mdm (officially missing in Tumbleweed) : Mint Display Manager.
    • mint-mdm-themes-* (officially missing in Tumbleweed) : Themes for MDM.
  • nemo : File manager by Linux Mint, which is a dependency making use of cinnamon-session.
    • nemo-extension-* : Various Nemo extensions. Each package is named after its function.
    • python-nemo : Python bindings for nemo. Doesn't require manual installation.