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There're a few ways you can help us out:


  • Use (of course)
  • Warm words to encourage us to keep going
  • Spread words to other users to form a cycle inside our big community. Let's just keep barking.
  • Engaging (To vote for new icon take photo and submit to our wallpaper contest maybe! to draw artworks/make themes for this. You don't have to know how to code before helping us)
  • Testing (Install the ones from our devel repository).
  • Bug reporting (Assign to MargueriteSu Talk - Contributions directly or it'll be automatically assigned to Dimstar...which will be awkward...)
  • Watch this project to prevent it from being inactive again! Seriously, I have a more important responsiblity to hold, which is M17N the input methods thing...and My own desktop environment is actually this one person job may ends someday really. You can apply some permissions like developers' do (see below, but don't touch around directly, fork a branch first)! Just in case if no one is still here, you can wait and hand the develop permission over to other capable hands who wish to help.


Submit a fix to our packages:

Send your branch to X11:Cinnamon:Factory using BURP way.

Or: To submit a new package that we forget to package:

Send your package to X11:Cinnamon:Factory on Build Service.

Or: Join us to fix those unbroken things (well, sometimes it does breaks!) to get a better user experience!

Send an add_role request against X11:Cinnamon by clicking the Request role addition button out there. (NOT X11:Cinnamon:Factory which is for development purpose only, no one is actually _in_ that sub-project. errrr...I'm in, to receive bug/submit request notifications)