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Advocates Committee

openSUSE ambassador is a multi-language and multi-cultural organization inside the openSUSE project. Unfortunatelly so far it was not treated that way but we learn as we go. The idea is to make a 6 or 9 member committee that will contain 2 or 3 English/European members, 2 or 3 Asian members and 2 or 3 Latinos members. This committee will actually replace the 'Ambassador Welcome Team' that had only me and Richard in charge in order to expand the ambassador program more efficiently and give the change to people who do not speak English but still have the abilities to spread away the openSUSE Project.

Goals of the Advocates Committee

  • Become a true multi-language and multi-cultural project.
  • Bring more people to the project.
  • More feedback in more languages.
  • Easier to expand.
  • Advocates can have more and better quality help.
  • English language is no longer the needed ability for people to join.
  • Better flow of information.
  • Articles can be translated to more languages so that everybody will know and will be able to take advantage of what openSUSE Project offers to its contributors.

More to come soon...