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Meeting 5th of January 2020

  • Present: Attila, Badr, Adrien (taking these minutes)

Main topic: Table of Contents of the new docs

  • Badr: if we get many "external" people to contribute, we should be ready to provide them with guidelines on style, tone, etc.
  • Adrien: we need to be careful to not create too high a barrier of entry and not put potential contributors off
  • Badr: willing to help people with git & workflow

Agreed on: very low entry barrier for single contribution, but we soon introduce contributors who want to maintain articles to our patterns & workflows and provide basic for tools like Atom, vscode, etc, so that these contributors become co-maintainers.

  • Badr expressed concerns that some users might be put off by the new concepts and jargon. How do we cater to vets and greenhorns simultaneously? Business users need to go into the distro without any hassle or barrier.
  • Attila: underlined that oS distros make slightly more assumptions about the know-how of people than, say, PopOS or Ubuntu, and that we don't really have much choice except to help new people know and master them.
  • Badr agreed to the new ToC provided we bear those concerns in mind at any point, and work on section 1-5 under their guidance.

Agreed on: use the first 5 sections as a first "product-to-deliver" to test and get feedback. Also we will link the wiki from the docs on the user scenario configs.

Goal for next time

  • Read each other's pages and come together on common style / tone guidelines
  • Finalize the Toc Preinstall and Install
  • Get feedback on the previous point
  • Use KVM server to test out installation guidelines