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Nvu (pronounced "N-view") is a WYSIWYG HTML editor, based on the Composer component of Mozilla. It is intended to be an open source equivalent to proprietary software like Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver and is one of the primary WYSIWYG editors for Linux. Nvu is designed to be easy for non-technical computer users. Knowledge of HTML or CSS is not required.

Nvu is being written by Daniel Glazman, former Netscape Communications Corporation employee and currently of the Mozilla Foundation and Disruptive Innovations. The project is sponsored by Linspire (formerly Lindows).

Nvu is available for Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, although it can be built successfully on any platform with the Netscape Portable Runtime.

Nvu may sometimes be spelt "N|vu" to simulate the line in the logo, much like CNET (the tech news website) is often written as "C|Net" to mimic the logo.

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