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The openSUSE wiki has been completely revamped and we are in the process of migrating articles from the old wiki instance to the new one. Not all articles will be moved to the same location as in the old wiki instance, so please search for this article. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you may still find it in the old wiki at

Help Us!

Please help us with the migration to the new wiki instance. There is in depth documentation about the new wiki on Portal:Wiki and some introduction articles on our blog

Last, you may, of course, also create this page if you are here to start a new page :-)

  • Use the Main namespace (with no prefix) for the presentation of the latest openSUSE distribution and software. Think of it as the product brochure, for people who are new to openSUSE and maybe to Linux in general.
  • Use the SDB: namespace (support database) for people who have a problem with the openSUSE distribution and seek written instruction on how to solve it.
  • Use the openSUSE: namespace to collaboratively write on documentation for openSUSE projects and teams.