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Welcome to the MATE Desktop Portal Edit
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The MATE Desktop provides an intuitive and attractive classic desktop experience for openSUSE users. The name MATE comes from yerba maté, a species of holly native from subtropical South America. Its leaves contain caffeine and are used to make infusions and a beverage called maté.

For more information, you can check MATE Desktop official web page.

The MATE Desktop is maintained on OBS in X11:MATE:Factory and provides a rolling release repository in X11:MATE. The first official community release was MATE 1.6.

openSUSE Installation Edit


The openSUSE MATE team is proud to announce the availability of MATE 1.10.2 for openSUSE. Here is how to install it on openSUSE 13.2.

We have changed our schema of repositories to avoid people having to change their repositories for each update. Now there is just one place: X11:MATE:Current .
To install MATE through X11:MATE:Current, please replace or add our repository (check how to add the repository).
Add repository via the command and click on the icon to use the one click install files:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 12:

    MATE opensuse black.png MATE Core – MATE opensuse black.png MATE Desktop Environment – MATE opensuse black.png MATE Desktop Environment Extra
  • openSUSE Leap and Tumbleweed:
    sudo zypper in patterns-mate-mate
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Warning: TASKS - available tasks and status; takers feel free to edit and follow the current style!



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