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Updater applet for KDE

Developer: KDE
License: GPL


KDE Updater Applet is an update notifier applet for KDE. It was originally developed by Narayan Newton under the Google Summer of Code 2006, but is now maintained by official openSUSE people. It is developed to be extendable, and actually it supports both the Libzypp and PackageKit backend, with PackageKit being the default.

A right click on the icon leads to a small menu, from where the settings can be accessed or an immediate check can be proceeded.

Updater Status

  • Kupdateapplet green.png - There are no official updates available.
  • Kupdateapplet busy.png - The updater is currently doing an action. This can be a test for updates, or the installation of a patch/upgrade.
  • Kupdateapplet red.png - There are important, official updates available. This is mostly related to security problems.
  • Kupdateapplet yellow.png - There are recommended, official updates available. These are mostly updates that eliminate small bugs.
  • Kupdateapplet optional.png - There are optional updates are ready. These are mostly new versions of software (only with zypp backend).
  • Kupdateapplet hardware.png - Drivers for a newly connected device are available for installation.
  • Kupdateapplet noupdaterepo.png - The online update repository is not configured. Move the mouse over the icon or click it in order to learn more.
  • Kupdateapplet gray.png - The updater is turned off, since there is no connection to the Internet, the system is busy or the computer is in power saving mode.


General settings

  • Check for update every (24h by default)
  • Show recurring notification when updates are available every (60 Minutes by default)


  • PackageKit plugin (default)
  • ZYpp plugin

Advanced settings

  • Automatically start updater on login
  • Show available upgrades when backend provides them (for experts only)
  • Always show detailled view
  • Check for updates only when the system is connected to charger
  • Check for updates only when the system is under low load
  • Search for drivers when new hardware is attached

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