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Welcome to the Kubic Portal edit

openSUSE Kubic is a Project maintaining multiple container-related technologies as part of the openSUSE Project.

These include

  • openSUSE MicroOS - an openSUSE Tumbleweed based OS providing Transactional (Atomic) Updates upon a read-only btrfs root filesystem, designed to host container workloads with automated administration & patching.
  • Tumbleweed-Kubic - a Container as a Service Platform based on Kubernetes atop openSUSE MicroOS
  • Velum - a dashboard for openSUSE & SUSE Container as a Service

The Kubic Project acts as the upstream for SUSE CaaS Platform

The source code of Velum and much of our Kubic-related tooling can be found on our GitHub Project

Topics edit



Installing the openSUSE MicroOS System Role from Kubic you get a quick, small environment for experimenting with Containers, or any other workload that benefits from Transactional Updates

MicroOS will also soon be offered as Virtual Machine Images


Tumbleweed-Kubic currently offers the following supported System Roles which can be selected during Installation

Alpha System Roles

In the Future, Tumbleweed-Kubic will also support the following System Roles which will allow you to set up, configure, and manage an entire Kubernetes cluster simply and painlessly.

Currently these are considered [Alpha] quality and are not expected to work.

  • "Admin/Dashboard Node" - openSUSE MicroOS plus Velum to provide a management controller for your Kubic Kubernetes Cluster
  • "Cluster Node" - openSUSE MicroOS plus Kubernetes automatically configured through Velum to act as a Kubernetes Master or Worker

Articles, videos, etc.

Download & Install

  • Download Current Tumbleweed-Kubic
  • Burn ISO to DVD or USB Stick
  • Boot to DVD or USB Stick
  • Follow the streamlined YaST installation workflow, choosing the appropriate system-role for your Kubic node

Communicate edit

  • #kubic on the freenode IRC network is the channel that the Kubic project uses for live chat.
  • opensuse-factory@opensuse.org - The project currently shares the opensuse-factory mailinglist for all development discussions.
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