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openSUSE Kubic is a project maintaining multiple container-related technologies as part of the openSUSE Project.

This primarily centers around Tumbleweed-Kubic, an openSUSE Tumbleweed variant focused on hosting container services. Tumbleweed-Kubic currently consists of two major components:

  • openSUSE MicroOS - an openSUSE Tumbleweed based OS providing Transactional (Atomic) Updates upon a read-only btrfs root filesystem, designed to host container workloads with automated administration & patching.
  • kubeadm - a Kubernetes cluster bootstrapping tool integrated as part of Tumbleweed-Kubic to run atop openSUSE MicroOS.
The source code for much of our Kubic related tooling can be found in our GitHub Project.



Installing the openSUSE MicroOS System Role from Kubic gets you a quick, small environment for experimenting with containers, or any other workload that benefits from Transactional Updates.

MicroOS will also soon be offered as Virtual Machine Images.


Tumbleweed-Kubic currently offers the following supported System Roles which can be selected during installation:

Articles, Videos, etc.

Download & Install

* #kubic on the freenode IRC network is the channel that the Kubic project uses for live chat.
  • Weekly Kubic status update meetings are held on Tuesdays at 15:00 UTC in #kubic IRC channel (chat.freenode.net)
  • opensuse-kubic@opensuse.org - Join our kubic project mailinglist for all other discussions.
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