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Download for openSUSE

Developer: KDE
License: GPL

KNode is a newsreader for the K Desktop Environment. It is GNKSA compliant and has support for MIME and multiple servers.

It is the online-reader, but in combination with a local newsgroup (usenet) server like leafnode, it is usable with dial-up connections.


  • all basic features of a newsreader (read articles, post articles, threading ...)
  • support for multiple newsservers
  • reading and composing of MIME multipart messages
  • inline display of attachments (text and images)
  • support for sending mail via smtp
  • customizable filters
  • full scoring
  • configurable fonts and colors
  • customizable hotkeys for all functions
  • Drag and drop between folders and groups
  • usage of the mbox-format for folders


Main way to configure KNode for the first time is to start it from the KDE Main Menu (Internet - Usenet News Reader) and use configuration dialog. If you are new to Usenet and KNode than you should use open SUSE Help Center located in KDE Main Menu first. Type in the search field "knode" and read some of listed articles that will explain:

  • what is Usenet,
  • what information you need to obtain from your Internet provider to configure KNode,
  • how to configure Knode.

If you started KNode before and skipped configuration, than you can use regular way located in menu Settings - Configure KNode.

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  • GNKSA Basic Hygiene for Usenet Software 101
  • Usenet article on Wikipedia.