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J-Pilot is a desktop organizer application for PalmOS devices. It is meant to be an alternative to the Palm Desktop for those who run the most popular Operating Systems in the World, Linux and Unix.


Palm Desktop alternative

Developer: Judd Montgomery
License: GPL


Third-party Application Support

  • Support for DateBk3/4/5/6 tags
  • Support for PEdit Palm application

Plugin Support

  • J-Pilot ships with an Expense plugin by default
  • Synctime plugin for setting the time on the Palm device (this is not the same as the SyncTime Palm application).
  • Support for multiple backups with the jpilot-backup plugin
  • KeyRing plugin for GNU/KeyRing Palm encryption application

Import and Export Features

  • Import and Export to many different formats
  • Export of iCalendar format from the ToDo and Datebook Palm applications
  • Export of vCard format from Address book
  • Export of LDIF format from Address book

Palm Application Features

  • Syncronization of categories and editing categories on desktop
  • Supports Datebook, Address, To Do List, and Memo Pad
  • Supports the newer Contacts and Memos (Calendar and Tasks not yet)
  • Monthly and Weekly Views of the Datebook
  • Existing Palm preferences are used so that things appear in the same way as they do on the Palm itself; i.e. sorting order of addresses, todos, memos, etc.
  • Limited support for Japanese Kanji characters SJIS-> EUC -> SJIS
  • Datebook support for repeating events and exceptions to those events
  • Datebook support for modification of a single occurrence of a reoccurring event
  • Datebook support for "By Day" reoccurring events even when its on the last day of the month, and not the 4th. i.e. Try adding a monthly repeating appointment *"By Day" on the 4th week of a month when there is no 5th occurrence of that day in the month

Miscellaneous Features

  • Integrated telephone dialer
  • Support for Palm OS 4.x passwords and USB connectivity
  • Postscript printing
  • Small and fast, designed to take up very little screen space
  • 2-way synchronization, fast and slow syncs
  • Does a full backup, or just a sync of supported apps
  • Restore capability
  • Global Search (Find)
  • Installation of applications and files to the Palm, will also install Graffiti *Shortcuts
  • Support for color scheme files to theme the J-Pilot GUI interface
  • Quick find in Address application

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