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Hibiscus is a personal home banking and financial accounting software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL. Currently there are no openSUSE packages for this Java application but, it can be easily installed manually.


Hibiscus is a fully featured personal home banking and financial accounting software written specifically for the German on-line banking services.

It is therefore, of special interest to expatriates living and working in Germany. Despite the initial impression of being a "German-only" application, if it is run from an English-language user, it does offer an English language user interface with some German content.

Initial (first start) Screen

With Hibiscus you can:

  • Perform secure on-line banking transactions to a German personal bank account via the FinTS protocol.
  • Classify each transaction.
  • Maintain a year-for-year classified list of all your banking transactions.
  • Perform an analysis of your financial situation on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. There are also graphical analyses which can provide a view of all the transactions (over years) held in the database maintained by Hibiscus.

The Java application Hibiscus is a plugin to the Java runtime environment Jameica.

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