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Open Source home banking application

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Vendor: Olaf Willuhn
Developer: Hibiscus Project
License: GNU GPL
Web: https://willuhn.de/products/hibiscus/

Hibiscus is a financial software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL written in Java.


Hibiscus is a fully featured personal home banking and accounting software written specifically for the German on-line banking services.

It is therefore, of special interest to expatriates living and working in Germany. Despite the initial impression of being a "German-only" application, if it is run from an English-language user, it does offer an English language user interface with some German content.

Initial (first start) Screen

With Hibiscus you can:

  • Perform secure on-line banking transactions to a German personal bank account via the FinTS protocol.
  • Classify each transaction.
  • Maintain a year-for-year classified list of all your banking transactions.
  • Perform an analysis of your financial situation on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. There are also graphical analyses which can provide a view of all the transactions (over years) held in the database maintained by Hibiscus.

The Java application Hibiscus is a plugin to the Java runtime environment Jameica.