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Help:Namespace category proposal

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Categories help users to find information by grouping pages with the same or related content. The following guidelines include detailed information on (sub)categorization of openSUSE namespace wiki articles.
Warning: This is only a proposal article

Audience and conventions

This article is intended for people that want to learn how to create, edit and maintain articles in this wiki, for casual wiki editors that need fast help around wiki format we have Reference card .

Name space notation

Articles that are in a certain namespace, should be put in a category where this namespace is noted as well. Articles form the main namespace (without prefix) don't require this notation. Example:

  • Category:Network should contain all main articles related to Network
  • Category:SDB:Network should contain all support pages related to Network
  • Category:HCL:Network should contain all hardware pages related to Network.
  • etc...

Sub categories

Namespace categories should be a subcategory of the main category. So Category:SDB:Network should be in Category:Network. If there are sub-categories in multiple namespaces, they should run parallel to the main categories. So, if there are articles in the main name space, that belong to a sub category and there are articles belonging to the same category in an other namespace, a similar appropriate category should be created with the namespace prefix. This created category should be member of the upper category in same namespace and equal category in main namespace.

Example relation of categories.


The subject Name has articles that belong to the main, SDB: and HCL: namespace. The main articles belong to Category:Name, the support articles belong to Category:SDB:Name and the hardware compatible articles belong to Category:HCL:Name.

Both Category:SDB:Name and Category:HCL:Name belong to Category:Name. Category:Name does not belong to any category, in this example it is a main category. However, always try to find a higher category whenever you create a new category and make it a sub-category of this higher category. Category:HCL:Name belongs to Category:HCL, which should contain all the main HCL categories. Category:SDB:Name belongs to Category:SDB, which should contain all the main HCL categories.

Same goes for the sub-categories:

  • Category:Sub belongs to Category:Name
  • Category:HCL:Sub belongs to Category:HCL:Name and Category:Sub
  • Category:SDB:Sub belongs to Category:SDB:Name and Category:Sub

The effect

If a reader is following categories (manually or by category trees in articles) he can be reading main articles, but switch to the SDB: or HCL: categories which are related to the topic he is interested about. On the other hand, if a reader starts in Category:SDB, he can browse support articles top-down trough sub-categories, not having to cross the main articles first.

Other namespaces

Portal: namespace pages belong to the main Categories. If possible, to an upper category then the related pages. Example: Portal:Remote access belongs to Category:Network, while all pages related to Remote Access belong to Category:Remote access or sub-category.