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StarFive VisionFive

The VisionFive2 is the next generation of VisionFive developed by StarFive. It is fully open-source with open-source software, open hardware design (schematics and SoC manual are public), and RISC-V open architecture.

Technical details

Tech spec

SDK binaries

VF2 releases

Community Images



  • Booting from SD CARD
    • Flash the image to your SD CARD.
    • Select the boot mode switch to RGPIO_0 = 1'b, RGPIO_1 = 0'b (SDIO3.0)
    • Insert the card and then power on
  • Booting from QSPI Nor Flash

Firmware Construction

Required downstream patches are continuously being merged into their respective upstream projects; for current progress see the JH7110 upstream status page

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