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The MACCHIATObin is a Marvell Armada 8040 based board manufactured by SolidRun.

MACCHIATObin comes in 2 flavors:

The boards have various hardware revisions. This document covers rev. 1.2 and newer releases.

Technical data

  • Marvell Armada 8040 SoC
  • 4 GB RAM (DIMM slot)

Manual installation


The shipping v2015.01 fork has a non-working ls command (use fatls/ext4ls instead) and does not appear to support raw initrds.

A u-boot-mvebumcbin-88f8040 package is available.

To chain-load mainline U-Boot use address 0x0:

load mmc 1:2 0x0 u-boot.bin
go 0x0

As of v2017.05-rc2, mainline U-Boot does not support usb or scsi (SATA) devices.


Mainline kernel 4.11 has an armada-8040-mcbin.dts (dtb-marvell package).


Copy armada-8040-mcbin.dtb into a JeOS-efi image.

v4.10 does not support SD or USB yet. SATA works (but not in mainline U-Boot).

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