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The Waveshare ARPI600 is a Raspberry Pi B+ header compatible Hat.

Technical data


Raspberry Pi 2

load mmc 0:2 $fdt_addr_r boot/dtb/$fdtfile
fdt addr $fdt_addr_r
setenv i2c1 /soc/i2c@7e804000

fdt mknode ${i2c1} rtc@51
fdt set ${i2c1}/rtc@51 compatible "nxp,pcf8563"
fdt set ${i2c1}/rtc@51 reg '<0x51>'
fdt set ${i2c1}/rtc@51 '#clock-cells' '<0>'
fdt set ${i2c1}/rtc@51 clock-output-names 'arpi600-pcf8563-clkout'

Alternatively, an overlay file is available for u-boot-rpi2 2017.03 or later (but as of Kernel:HEAD 2017-04-14 doesn't work with unmodified dtb-bcm2836 4.11.rc6 packages):

load mmc 0:2 $loadaddr boot/bcm2836-arpi600.dtbo
fdt apply $loadaddr

Finally boot:

load mmc 0:1 $kernel_addr_r EFI/BOOT/BOOTARM.EFI
bootefi $kernel_addr_r $fdt_addr_r

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