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An Image Viewer for KDE

Developer: The Gwenview Developers
License: GPL

Gwenview is an image browser and viewer for the K Desktop Environment.

It can load, save and perform basic image manipulation (such as rotating and mirroring) on all the image formats supported by KDE.

It will also display

  • native GIMP files (xcf-format)
  • non image files (such as 'Scaleable Vector Graphics' (svg-files))
  • animated image files (such as 'Multiple-image Network Graphics (mng-files) and 'Graphics Interchange Format (gifs))
  • various video files

Since Gwenview has full support for KDE Input Output Slaves (KIO Slaves), you can browse FTP, Windows shares, Tarball archives and Zip archives.

It also supports the KDE Image Plugin Interface (KIPI), which allows Gwenview to tap into the combined development effort of DigiKam, KPhotoAlbum, ShowImg and Gwenview developers. KIPI provides a consistent experience between these applications and various image effects are provided as a result.

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