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Firefox is moving to GTK3 (finally!)

With version 46.0, upstream binary builds of firefox will switch to being built against gtk3 by default.

Gtk3fication of official openSUSE Firefox RPMs

Disclaimer: Official RPMs for Firefox are provided by openSUSE via the OSS repository for the various openSUSE versions. The discussion in this section is strictly applicable only to these specific packages. More specifically, things might be different if you use non-official packages, e.g. from the mozilla repository or other unsupported openSUSE Build Service repositories.

Current Status and Roadmap

openSUSE Version Current toolkit Planned move to gtk3 builds
openSUSE Leap 42.1 Gtk2 Never
openSUSE Leap 42.2 Gtk2 FF53
openSUSE Tumbleweed Gtk3 switched

Explanation of roadmap

Firefox packages provided by the update channel for Leap 42.1 will continue to be based on Gtk2 during their supported period of maintenance. If Leap 42.2 will get the switch to Gtk3 is still to be discussed while we expect to switch to Gtk3 for Leap 42.3 most likely while Tumbleweed is meanwhile using Gtk3 builds by default.

Reporting Bugs

If you are a TW user, please let us know if you encounter any bug by the following process:

  1. Check if a similar bug has already been reported (and fixed?) at the upstream bugzilla.
  2. If it hasn't, open a ticket against Firefox at openSUSE's bugzilla.
    For general guidance on how to open bugs against openSUSE, see bugs.
  3. If you think the bug is specifically due to Firefox being built against Gtk3, put a ''[gtk3]'' tag at the very beginning of your bug summary.
    Example: If you want to report a bug for Flash not working on a certain website where it was working before you installed the Gtk3-based Firefox package, you might enter the bug summary as: ''[gtk3] Flash widgets not rendered on site foo''. Please also add gtk3 to the whiteboard of the bug.

Known issues in openSUSE bugzilla

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