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                                   jw, Mon Feb 27 21:47:15 UTC 2012
Using a Canopus Twinpact 100

## on all involved machines do:
osc -Apm in dvswitch

## on the twinpact machine, (and on all remote camera capture machines)
## replace with the IP Address of the one machine that runs 
## the dvswitch gui (known as the mixer)
sudo vi /etc/dvswitchrc

## connect all involved machines to the mixer with dedicated ethernet cables.
## use gigabit, if more than one twinpact machine needs to be connected.

# Check the dipswitches at the bottom of the twinpact. 
#  A3 must be on to enable the remote control
#  B7 (DVCAM/DV) does not seem to matter.

-> switch on twinpact
-> hit [INPUT SELECT] twice to select RGB input.
# twinpact remembers input selection and overscan mode 
# across power-loss. nice.

## on the twinpact machine: 
dmesg | grep firewire 
 firewire_ohci: isochronous cycle inconsistent
 firewire_core: created device fw1: GUID 002011010f003159, S400
 firewire_core: phy config: card 0, new root=ffc1, gap_count=5
 firewire_core: IRM is not 1394a compliant, making local node (ffc0) root.
 firewire_core: phy config: card 0, new root=ffc0, gap_count=5

# this only succeeds, when the mixer is up and running
sh -c 'while true; do sudo dvsource-firewire -t; sleep 2; done'

## on the storage machine (usually the mixer itself)
sh -c 'while true; do dvsink-files /tmp/dvswitch/test-%F-%T; sleep 2; done'

## on the mixer machine:
dvswitch &
 -> if the twinpact video signal shows a fat black border, try the 
    -> Twinpact remote control
      -> [OverScan] 
  # a gray half-translucent border is okay. 
  # It is only onscreen, but not recorded.

 -> Hit [Record]
   -> be happy.
   -> regularly check disk space.

# dvsink-files just stops writing if it runs out of space. 
# no error messages nothing on the gui.

# A dvswitch videostream takes a bandwithd of ca. 3.7 Mbytes/sec.
# Thus one twinpact + one camera + one dvsink-files together 
# consume ca. 11Mb/s

# dvswitch itself consumes ca 50% of a 1.6Ghz intel 32bit CPU,
# together with one source and one sink, the load average
# on a Lenovo X60s is ca 0.7 -- (including possile 0.3 from 
# a firefox with a bloody flash player showing advertisements).
# -> quite acceptable.