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Dr Geo

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Dr. Geo is a GTK interactive geometry software. It allows one to create geometric figures plus the interactive manipulation of such figures in respect with their geometric constraints. It is usable in teaching situations with students from primary or secondary level.

Dr. Geo integrates advanced features as an integrated Scheme programming language to define scripts within a figure. The language is also used to define functionnaly interactive figure.



Simulation of a clock in Dr. Geo

Developer: Hilaire Fernandes, Arturo Espinosa and many more
License: GNU GPLv2


Dr. Genius is the interactive geometry package for the Gnome Desktop. It allows users to create geometric figures that can be manipulated with respect to geometric rules. The program is useable with students from the primary through secondary levels.


To create a new empty geometric figure, the user clicks on the first (on the left) button in the toolbar. Alternatively, a new figure can be created using the menu item File->New->Figure from the menu bar. When a new figure is created, a new toolbar with a set of six icons appears. The last item (on the right) in the toolbar is an option menu; it is used to adjust the scale of the current geometric figure.

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