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Lead it

Actively influence the distribution.

  • Become an openSUSE member
    openSUSE, being an open and global community project, has contributors and volunteers from all over the world. openSUSE Members are specifically distinguished contributors who have brought a continued and substantial contribution to the openSUSE project. So, everything above can qualify for the openSUSE membership status.
  • Be a focal point of any projects development
    The openSUSE community need volunteers to lead the projects, give shape, define tasks, be a focal point of a project development. Open source development is based on a volunteers that create loose groups bound with common interest, but the successful projects have core group of individuals that give direction to the project.
  • Participate in openSUSE project meetings
    The openSUSE community meets bi-weekly in IRC to discuss the project, its parts, status of ongoing tasks, its development direction the wiki etc. Please have a look at the meetings schedule for dates of upcoming meetings.
  • Explore Career Opportunities
    SUSE has several open positions for qualified personnel who want to join the openSUSE team. Have a look at our career pages for more information.

Additional information: MembersTeamsMeetings

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